G.E.T. Therapy Ltd.

Psychotherapy, Counselling & Understanding Trauma

What clients have said about working with Alex.....


 'Alex was there for me every step of the way of a difficult journey and gave me the tools and the ability to ensure I could take back control of my life. She will adapt her way working to find the best way to help you. Incredibly knowledgeable, skilled and she will do more than just listen. I felt like I was in safe hands from the start'  Anon.

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'I have found myself again.' Anon.

'I am confident in making decisions about my life.' Anon.

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How Alex has helped clients:

Through Counselling, Psychotherapy and/or Self-Defence I have successfully supported people who have felt almost constantly anxious and on edge, as well as those who were feeling low to the point they were not involved in their own lives but dissociated from them. They were able to become present in their own lives, confidently make decisions about their futures and enjoy time spent by themselves without distractions and time spent with others. 

I have also worked with clients to reduce and eliminate unwanted, intrusive and distressing thoughts and feelings. These can come both day and night in forms of flashbacks and nightmares.

For those who have experienced violence we can also look at practical ways to be safe in terms of personal safety and self-defence.