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Psychotherapy, Counselling & Understanding Trauma

Psychotherapy, Counselling & Understanding Trauma

Psychotherapy, Counselling & Understanding TraumaPsychotherapy, Counselling & Understanding TraumaPsychotherapy, Counselling & Understanding Trauma

Ground - Empower - Thrive





Stabilise anxiety, dissociation and feelings of hopelessness in the present with simple, but effective techniques and skills.





Understand the impacts of trauma on the body and mind whilst working with Alex to nurture your own recovery and to safely process the past.





A focus on post-traumatic growth and a future with pleasure. Looking at self-esteem, self-confidence and living the right life for you.

Why Choose G.E.T. Therapy?


Treatment Focus

A Different Approach

A Different Approach

I specialise in working with adults who are struggling after one or more traumatic experiences, including those with Complex PTSD, in a safe manner that avoids re-traumatisation. 

Your priorities may include: 'putting the past in the past'; coming to terms with your past; managing triggers, flashbacks and nightmares; exploring relationships with others (past and present); managing shame, anger, anxiety, depression and feeling overwhelmed; building confidence in yourself to make decisions; becoming more sociable and living your authentic life. 

There are many more issues that I can help with.....


A Different Approach

A Different Approach

A Different Approach

I use a safe, trauma-aware, pragmatic, educational, empowering and solution-focused approach. 

Alone, traditional talking therapies can lead to re-traumatisation and trigger intensely uncomfortable states. 

Gentle, but powerfully effective, trauma-aware practices will mean you can heal without ever needing to go into the details of your trauma(s). 

As an 'Integrative' therapist I draw on various disciplines to suit your needs. These may include Gestalt, CBT, Positive Psychology, Yoga Therapy and Neurobiology, however, the underlying approaches are Humanistic and Person-Centred.  I will also advise on practical Personal Safety measures if relevant.


Therapy Room

A Different Approach

Therapy Room

A discrete, well appointed and newly decorated therapy room in calming colours.

Perfectly located for those living and/or working in or near Manchester & Salford city centres. 

Easily accessible via bus, tram and car.

Free, secure on-site and local roadside parking available.

Ground floor and accessible.

Flexible days and hours to suit your schedule where possible.

About Alex

Ways of Working

I am a strong believer in team work and that together we will work out the best way for you to meet your therapy goals; safely, effectively and at your pace. 

I am pragmatic, empathetic, tenacious, motivating and on your team. I can help raise and calm the energy levels as needed.

My aim is to empower you with knowledge and practical skills so that you will no longer need my support.

Pro-bono work

I volunteer at Greater Manchester Rape Crisis which offers free counselling for women who have experienced sexual violence at any time in their lives.

Education & Areas of Study

I am fully qualified & registered with the National Counselling Society  


Advanced Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling

Self-Defence Instructor Certificate - Combat Academy

Diploma in Psychotherapeutic Counselling


Somatic Trauma Training - Babette Rothschild

Healing Sexual Trauma: a Somatic & Attachment Approach – Peter Levine & Diane Poole Heller

Working with Nightmares & Dreams (PTSD focus) Advanced - Complex Trauma Therapists' Network (CTTN)

DID & Perpetrator Introject – Theres Fickl

More than Words: Bringing the Body into Therapy- Yoga Therapy Manchester

Working with Self-Harm & Suicide - Positive Outcomes for Dissociative Survivors (PODS)

Working with Nightmares & Dreams (PTSD focus) Basic - CTTN

Working with Complex Trauma - CTTN

Working with Dissociative Disorders in Clinical Practice - PODS



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